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VOLUME 3,  2003

  Measurement in Biomedicine
1 - 11

Teplan M.:  

Fundamentals of EEG Measurement   REVIEW ARTICLE

Abstract:   Electroencephalographic measurements are commonly used in medical and research areas. This review article presents an introduction into EEG measurement. Its purpose is to help with orientation in EEG field and with building basic knowledge for performing EEG recordings. The article is divided into two parts. In the first part, background of the subject, a brief historical overview, and some EEG related research areas are given. The second part explains EEG recording.  


13 - 22

Andris P., Frollo I.:  

Optimisation of NMR Coils by Genetic Algorithms

Abstract:  Several variants of genetic algorithms are tested assuming their use for magnetic field homogeneity of an NMR coil optimisation. A new genetic operator of modified elitism has been developed basing on results of the tests. Magnetic field of an RF coil is calculated, results of the calculation are verified by measuring and genetic algorithm with the new genetic operator is applied on magnetic field homogeneity optimisation. The optimisation of the coil with genetic algorithms is compared to optimisation by randomised deterministic optimisation method and their qualities are discussed. The optima calculated by the both optimisation methods are depicted with contour plots in order to prove importance of the optimisation.