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VOLUME 3,  2003

  Measurement of Physical Quantities


 1-8 Kollár M.:
The Sigma-Delta Modulator for Measurement of the Thermal Characteristics of Capacitors

Abstract: The paper presents a simple and successful design of the sigma-delta modulator with flip-flop sensor for measurement of the thermal characteristics of the capacitors. The theoretical considerations are verified by a laboratory experiment. 


Bartl J., Fíra R., Jacko V.:

Tuning of the laser diode

Abstract:  Realisation of the optical frequency laser standards is the basis of the length metrology. In accordance with the mise en pratique of the definition of the metre there is possible to realise the length unit by means of one of twelve recommended radiations listed in the Recommendation 1 (CI –1997) issued by the CIPM. Technical progress in the laser diode development enables to apply these elements as the length standards. Our article is devoted to the thermoelectric tuning of the laser diode frequency.