Selected photos from MEASUREMENT 2011 conference

Opening ceremony

Welcome from conference chairman Dr. Tysler
  Invited talk of Dr.Koening
M. Pavuk during discussion

The audience

Discussion after lectrure of Dr. Aidu

The audience

Dr.Bas gives her lecture

Prof.Otomanski during discussion

Lecture of Dr. Mori

Discussion at posters (prof. Regtien and D. Gogola)

At posters (prof. Taymanov, Dr.Sapoznikova, E. Senchenko)

Discussion at posters (prof. Frollo and M. Vogel)

Discussion at posters (prof. Hoffman and Dr. Koening)

Conference chairman Dr. Tysler welcomes on banquet

Prof.Frollo welcomes on banquet

Varga trio played for the participants

 Discussion during break

Collection for Japan

Trip to Driny cave

Walking in Little Carpathian

During the hiking tour

During the hiking tour, ruines of castle Plavecky Hrad


Invited lecture of Dr. Koening

Lecture of prof. Moses

Discussion after lecture of prof. Holcik

Michael Vogel with Young Investigator Award

Youn Investigator Award for Milan Pavuk

Common photo of conference participants

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