Types of presentation

All presentations have to be in English. For keynote lectures 30 minutes plus 10 minutes for discussion will be allocated, for invited and oral presentations 10 plus 5 minutes will be allowed. Instead of traditional poster sessions short communications sessions will be organized, their exact format and time limit will be announced soon. Chairmen will be asked to strictly follow the time schedule.

Presentation preparation

Because the conference goes online, the presentations have to be prepared in advance until May 10, 2021 in powerpoint or video format with sound track using Microsoft PowerPoint, OBS studio or a similar tool. Maximal size of one presentation is 500 MB, presentation aspect ratio can be 16:9 or 4:3. It is advisable to number the pages of the presentation for easier reference during the discussion.

Guides for preparing a presentation in:

PowerPoint in Office 2019, Office 365

PowerPoint in Office 2016 and older

OBS studio

Presentation upload and execution

The presentation should be sent as single file to the conference secretariat email using some service for transmission of large files, e.g. USCHOVNA.CZ which allows to send a file of up to 30 GB and its reading up to 30 times within 14 days. This servis can be accessed at or by using the button below. Conference secretariat will comfirm acceptance of the file by an email to the file sender.
During the conference, the presentation will be operated by the conference technical staff. After the presentation, the author(s) should be available online to answer questions asked in chat or live. The discussion will be moderated by the session chairmen. More detailed information will be announced in time during the conference preparation.