From Vienna Airport to Bratislava

There are as many as 3 transport companies that commute between the Vienna - Schwechat airport and Bratislava:
 • RegioJet/Student Agency,
 • SlovakLines,
 • Flixbus.

Just take one of them and get off the bus at the "Bratislava, Nivy bus station" stop. It is recommended to book the ticket in advance, because the bus is sometimes completely booked (sold out) in advance. The travel from Vienna - Schwechat to Bratislava Main Bus station takes cca 55 to 60 minutes.

Another possibility to get from the airport to Bratislava is to take a taxi:

From Bratislava Main Railway Station to Bratislava Main Bus Station

The public transport (trolleybus number 40) commutes between the main railway station and the main bus station Nivy at 10-min. intervals. The boarding bus stop is "Hlavná stanica" and target bus stop is "Autobusová stanica", 6 bus stops takes 10 minutes. It is advisable to purchase at least a half-hour ticket, 0,90 €.

Bratislava to Smolenice

Choose between:
 • main bus station Nivy, From "Bratislava, Autobusová stanica" To "Smolenice".
 • main railway station. From "Bratislava" To "Smolenice".

Special (conference) bus from Bratislava to Smolenice

Estimated time of departure from main bus station (AS NIVY) is approximately 16:30 from platform no. 11. (see map).