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VOLUME 4, 2004

  Measurement of Physical Quantities


    1 - 11

Mastriani M., Giraldez A.E.:

Enhanced Directional Smoothing Algorithm for Edge-Preserving Smoothing of Synthetic-Aperture Radar Images

Abstract: Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images are subject to prominent speckle noise, which is generally considered a purely multiplicative noise process. In theory, this multiplicative noise is that the ratio of the standard deviation to the signal value, the “coefficient of variation,” is theoretically constant at every point in a SAR image. Most of the filters for speckle reduction are based on this property. Such property is irrelevant for the new filter structure, which is based on directional smoothing (DS) theory, the enhanced directional smoothing (EDS) that removes speckle noise from SAR images without blurring edges. We demonstrate the effectiveness of this new filtering method by comparing it to established speckle noise removal techniques on SAR images.

  12 - 16

Horevajová J.,  Ulovec K.:

Measurement of AM Transmiters for Digital Audio Broadcasting

Abstract:  AM transmitters must satisfy some conditions to be employed for digital audio broadcasting. The goal of this work is to determine the relationship between intermodulation products on the transmitter output and the envelope and phase signals delay in case of complex modulating signals. The envelope signal path bandwidth is also observed.

  17 - 21

Hribik J., Fuchs P., Hruškovic M., Michálek R., Lojko B.:

Digital Power and Energy Measurement

Abstract:  A brief description of the designed digital sampling electricity meter based on the modern Texas Instruments TMS320C6711 DSP is given. The electricity meter measures basic electric network parameters such as rms values of voltages and currents, powers, energy, power factor and net frequency. A brief discussion of measurement accuracy and error correction is also given.

  22 - 26

Urbanec T., Svačina J.:

Software Support for Six-Port Measurement System

Abstract:  The paper presents software for measurements with the six-port measurement system. All of the necessary tasks are implemented, such as detector linearization, power calibration, six-port calibration evaluation. For the measurement itself the software offers all of the standard displays as return loss and phase vs. frequency etc.

  27 - 30

Jaroš J., Rozman J.:

Three-Dimensional Measured Ultrasound Field

Abstract: This article describes a three-dimensional representation of the ultrasound pressure  distribution in a space. This will be used for classifying the field and for a determination of the ultrasound intensity. There was realized a software for processing and 3D representation of the measured ultrasound field. The data are acquired by scan of a space in an  ultrasonic tank with a hydrophone.

  31 - 36

Bartl J., Baranek M.:

Emissivity of aluminium and its importance for radiometric measurement

Abstract:  The authors analyse features of aluminium which are important for the non- contact measurement of the temperature. This study is based on the results of experiments which were carried out at foreign research institutes. Rising interest of the industry in contactless measurement of foamy aluminium profiles during their production was the motivation for this article.