Measurement 2021

About the Conference

The 13th international conference on measurement science, technologies and devices will be held from 17 to 19 May, 2021 in the Smolenice castle situated in Small Carpathian Mountains near Bratislava, Slovakia. The main topics of the conference will cover three areas: theoretical problems of measurement, measurement of physical quantities and measurement in biology and medicine. Conference proceedings (in the electronic form) will be available at the time of the conference. The proceedings will be submitted to IEEE Explore, Scopus and WoS. Authors of selected papers will be invited to publish their manuscript in extended form in the impacted on-line journal Measurement Science Review published by Sciendo, de Gruyter company and indexed in Current Contents Connect, Web of Science, Thomson Scientific SSCI, Scopus, EBSCO and several other databases.

In case of unfavourable epidemiological situation, the conference will be held online or in a hybrid way (mixed online and live). In both cases the conference proceedings will be published as usual.


10.10.2020 The conference web page was initiated
19.10.2020 1st Announcement / Conference Leaflet
DOWNLOAD 1<sup>st</sup> Announcement DOWNLOAD Conference Leaflet
15.01.2020 The registration is OPEN


Theoretical Problems of Measurement

• theory of measurement
• mathematical processing of measured data
• uncertainty in measurement
• statistical methods in data evaluation and modeling
• causality in measured time series
• image and signal processing techniques in measurement
• metrology and applications


Measurement of Physical Quantities

• measurement of basic physical quantities
• magnetic and electric fields measurements
• measurement in material science
• measurement of geometrical and mechanical quantities
• measurement in electromagnetic compatibility
• imaging measuring methods
• correlated multimodal measurements
• measurement in nanotechnology


Measurement in Biomedicine

• biosensors
• bioelectric and biomagnetic fields measurement
• biosignal measurement, processing and analysis
• medical imaging, image processing and technologies
• model based biomeasurements
• neural networks in biomeasurement
• telemeasurement in biomedicine
• nanomeasurement in medicine


Special Sessions

Will be updated/announced after 20th December

See Call for Special Sessions


Call for Special Sessions

In 2019 the conference hosted "Special sessions" which were specialized in the following selected research topics:

  • Methods for Measurements Evaluation in Metrology
  • Imaging Methods of Biological Objects
  • Causal Relations in Measured Data
  • Advanced ECG Measurements, Simulation and Evaluation

In 2021 we would like to continue with this trend and offer the conference attendees an opportunity to promote their research themes. Therefore, we would like to announce a call for Special sessions, the proposals will be evaluated and approved by the International Program Committee.

In order for a Special session proposal to be considered, it should identify a theme and at least three presenters. If selected, their presentations will be officially invited.

The list of the selected Special sessions will be included in the 2nd announcement. Therefore, other participants can join the Special session if their topic fits the theme of the session. A session will consist of up to six presentations.

When proposing the Special session, please use the following format:
Names, email addresses, affiliation and short biographies (500 characters) of the organisers who are expected to have a PhD degree.

Title of the session, the aim of the session, a list of proposed invited speakers who agreed to have an oral presentation at the conference. The Special session participants should submit in time a 4-pages abstract which will be reviewed like any other conference submission.

Please, send the proposals by email to no later than 30th November 2020. The organisers of the selected sessions will be notified before 20th December 2020.


November 30, 2020 Deadline for Special sessions proposals
January 15, 2021 Registration opening
Paper submission opening
March 5, 2021 Paper submission deadline (.doc, .docx or .tex, max. 4 pages, 5 MB)
April 2, 2021 Notification of acceptance
Reviewers’ comments
April 20, 2021 Deadline for:
   - guaranteed accommodation,
   - early registration rates,
   - submission of corrected papers,
   - registration with published paper
May 17 - 19, 2021 Conference
  • Location Smolenice Castle, SK
  • Date & Time17-19 May, 900 - 1700
  • SpeakersOn the way
  • Seats 100 People


The 13th International Conference on Measurement will be held in the Congress Center of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in the Smolenice castle situated in Little Carpathians about 60 km from Bratislava (GPS: N48.51359, E17.43232). See the global map and overview map to locate Smolenice relative to the cities Vienna, Bratislava and Trnava or the local map to see the vicinity of the conference center with bus stops and railway station in Smolenice. You can view short movie or presentation about Smolenice and surrounding (with Slovak comments).

The original Smolenice castle was rebuilt at the beginning of the previous century in romantic style. Now, after a large renovation it offers full comfort in several well equipped conference rooms including videoconferencing or wireless network connection. Accommodation is in suites, single, double or more-bed rooms, all with their own bathrooms. Participants can rest in the quiet corners of the castle or in its garden or can walk in nice parks surrounding the castle. Additional information about the castle is available (in Slovak) at

Special free conference bus will be offered for transportation between Bratislava and Smolenice before and after the conference. Accommodation and meals will be offered directly in the Smolenice castle. For more information on the conference see information on this web page or download the conference leaflet or the
1st announcement.

For detailed information about the conference venue visit the Conference center web page.


Viktor Witkovský

Director of Institute of Measurement Science


Conference Chairman

JANA Švehlíková

International Program
Committee Chairman

Igor Zakharov

Andrej Dvurečenskij

Local Organizing
Committee Chairman

International Program Committee

B. Antić, Serbia
I. Bajla, Slovakia
M. Bittera, Slovakia
V. Boháč, Slovakia
K. De Buysser, Belgium
E. Cocherová, Slovakia
I. Frollo, Slovakia
R. Harťanský, Slovakia
Y. V. Chugui, Russia

A. Chunovkina, Russia
P. Jurák, Czech Republic
B. Kessel, Germany
G. Kozmann, Hungary
R. Köning, Germany
I.C. Lira, Chile
J. Markovič, Slovakia
K. Meigas, Estonia
V. Mlynarik, Austria

V. Novickij, Lithuania
M. Paluš, Czech Republic
K. Roubík, Czech Republic
Y. Serinagaoglu, Turkey
M. Soleimani, UK
Z. Starčuk, Czech Republic
M. Štork, Czech Republic
S. Takayama, Japan

M. Tarata, Romania
P. Tino, UK
D. Tyler, UK
M. Tyšler, Slovakia
J. Volaufova, USA
G. Wimmer, Slovakia
V. Witkovský, Slovakia
A. Woźniak, Poland

Local Organizing Committee

Eva Gurišová

Eva Gurišová Gurišová

Organizing Committee

Daniel Gogola

Daniel Gogola Gogola

Organizing Committee

Martina Chvosteková

Martina Chvosteková

Organizing Committee

Jozef Jakubík

Jozef Jakubík Jakubík

Organizing Committee

Andrej Krafčík

Andrej Krafčík Krafčík

Organizing Committee

Beáta Ondrušová

Beáta Ondrušová

Organizing Committee

Zuzana Rošťáková

Zuzana Rošťáková

Organizing Committee

Martin Škráte

Martin Škrátek

Organizing Committee

Michal Teplan

Michal Teplan

Organizing Committee










Late registration fees after April 20, 2021 will be increased by 50 €.

Regular participants

€ 450

All Days
  • Scientific sessions
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Welcome dinner
  • Barbeque
  • Social program
  • Certificate
IEEE /SMS /URSI members

€ 400

All Days
  • Scientific sessions
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Welcome dinner
  • Barbeque
  • Social program
  • Certificate

€ 300

All Days
  • Scientific sessions
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Welcome dinner
  • Barbeque
  • Social program
  • Certificate

€ 200

Per Day
  • Scientific sessions
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Welcome dinner
  • Barbeque
  • Social program
  • Certificate
Accompanying Person

€ 200

All Days
  • Scientific sessions
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Welcome dinner
  • Barbeque
  • Social program
  • Certificate

* confirmed by the university


The registration, upload of papers and reservation of accommodation and transport is electronic. To participate in the MEASUREMENT 2021 conference you have to make four simple steps:

1. Registration - create and use your personal conference account. You will need to fill in and upload a form with your basic personal information and email address. Your login and password will be sent to your email address in few seconds. After logging into your account you can modify your personal data, upload and submit papers and order accommodation or other conference services.

2. Paper submission - read instructions on preparation of your paper. Each registered author can submit one or two papers. You will be navigated to your conference account to upload your paper(s). Instructions for preparation of oral or poster presentations of accepted papers can be also found here.

3. Accommodation - select desired accommodation. You will be navigated to your personal account to reserve the accommodation, meals and free bus transportation from Bratislava to Smolenice and back. The due amount will be calculated automatically in your conference account.

4. Payment - learn details about possible methods of payment and pay the fees. Before payment, go to your conference account and check if you have selected (1) proper registration fee, (2) desired accommodation and meals, (3) desired free bus transport. The due amount is calculated automatically and displayed at the bottom of the registration form. After the Conference secretariat receives your payment, the paid amount will be shown in your account.

You can any time access your personal account using the obtained login/password and modify your personal information (except the email address), upload corrected paper or requested conference services.
Please, remember that your paper will be included in the conference program and ordered conference services will be ordered as soon as you pay the proper fees! Registration fee has to be paid until April 20, 2021 to guarantee publication of your paper in the proceedings. Because of the limited capacity of the castle the organizers reserve the right to limit the number of participants without presentation.

  • Institute of Measurement Science
  • Measurement 2021 Secretariat
  • Slovak Academy of Sciences
  • Dúbravská cesta 9, 841 04 Bratislava


  • +421 2 5910 4511

  • +421 2 5910 4591